Brunswick Residence

Built by the client's parents and virtually untouched since the seventies, this inner-city townhouse was due a revitalisation. A full renovation unpacked and reshaped essential spatial components to create an airy ambiance balanced with confident solidity.


Resident at LDF 2018

Resident invite you to our exhibition at Design Junction, during the upcoming London Design Festival. 


Philippe Malouin Interview

Your latest product for Resident is the Offset Dining Table, which joins the already popular Offset Coffee Table and Stool.

Where did the original inspiration for this Offset Range come from? 

 I am a big fan of simple products that showcase a certain imperfection whilst still being industrially perfect. Achieving this idea can be challenging. The Offset products came as an accident while trying to align a base to a top that we had made in the studio: the alignment was never perfect. So I decided to go with this idea of offsetting the alignment, and this is how ...


Sapling Resturant - Dalston UK

Drawing on the history of the local area as both the Kings Lands- an oak filled hunting ground, and later the brick fields and brick kilns that came after, as the oak forest was cut down to excavate the clay below, we created a natural palette of materials inspired by this history. The result is Sapling, Dalston.