Phase Pendant - Large

The Phase Pendant Large is an exercise in creating harmony in the contrast between shadow and luminosity.
Drawing inspiration from the lunar phases, this voluminous crescent pendant is suspended discretely from two slimline wires.

The dark bronze body is accompanied by a warm LED-lit acrylic diffuser, enhanced with a subtle linen-textured appearance. It serves as a striking centrepiece for any room, while giving the impression of weightless suspension.

Handmade in New Zealand

Estudio Persona

Estudio Persona is the design studio of Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young.

The Uruguayan designers have been working collaboratively together in Los Angeles since 2015. The studios work regularly features bold silhouettes, neutral tones, and raw materials free of embellishment.

The work of Estudio Persona celebrates the skilled community of manufacturers around Los Angeles as material or production "constraints" become opportunities and inform the design process.