Resident releases all timber furniture pieces in an Umber Stain

Resident is proud to be adding a new stain to its array of stocked timber finishes, with the introduction of Umber across ten items in the Offset, Tangerine, Pier and Pick Up Sticks ranges.

The change comes into immediate effect, with Residents global warehouses already flush with stock.

Residents timber furniture collection comprises of solid oak chairs and stools, as well as side, coffee and dining tables. All items are made in Europe and are suitable for hard contract use.  As a colour, Umber is a natural brown earth pigment that contains iron and magnesium oxide. It is darker than the other similar earth pigments – ochre and sienna.

"The introduction of the Umber stain brings a new layer of warmth to the Resident brand, and we see this finish being very complementary to the spaces where Resident products live" - Simon James, Resident Co-Founder