Lonely Shoot

On the 7th May 2016 Resident shot at Lonely located in Ponsonby Auckland New Zealand. Designed by Resident collaborator Rufus Knight.

Lonely is womenswear that inspires a youthful creative spirit.

Lonely Ponsonby is a branding touch-point and a place for customers to interact and buy product on both an analogue and digital level. Forward-thinking with regard to digital integration but service-focused, the store aims to beautiful, unique, and modern – yet simple.

The design direction needed to align with international shopping districts and that reflected the young brand's global outlook. Material and texture were key in creating an image that would complement this direction. Exploring an idea of 'soft industrial' – a dichotomy between robust materials that had a tactile or unexpected finish – salvaged timber parquetry, sandblasted marble, and finely perforated mesh combine to make the store feel sophisticated without feeling unapproachable.

The Lonely brand speaks strongly about layers of intimacy so creating a retail space that focuses on the customer, their experience, and the process of buying lingerie – confidence, privacy, and warmth – was essential. I wanted the space to say something romantic but in a modern vocabulary.

Photography - Simon Devitt