Woolly Bay Hotel by Luchetti Krelle

A staple of Sydney’s hospitality scene since the 1800s, Woolly Bay Hotel has had a $14M renovation, complete with a Mediterranean restaurant and bar.

With views of Woolloomooloo Bay, this three-storey 19th-century-era pub features a breezy public bar hosting cozy lounges, a central fireplace and discreet sports bar. The second floor is home to a 100-person casual dining restaurant, led by Laundy Hotels executive chef, Jamie Gannon and head chef, Adam Holt. As a brand new addition to the building Arturo’s Rooftop can be found on the top floor, a glass-enclosed bar serving up share plates, martinis, and skyline views of the city. 

When reimagining the iconic pub, Laundy Hotels creative director Justine Laundy and Sydney architecture firm Luchetti Krelle took cues from the hotel’s waterfront location and the Med, with blue mosaic tiles, terrazzo and a pebble-grey paint job. Formerly the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel, the original building has endured several disjointed renovations. Luchetti Krelle sought to restore the internal cohesion, reversing some of the haphazard tag-ons and amalgamating the levels of the hotel.