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V Wall Light

Designer Resident Studio — Profile
Designed 2015

V is a cantilevered feature Wall Light made of brass. Its two outreaching arms trace an equilateral triangle in space. Part of the Geometric family, the V Wall light contains a warm LED light source which projects both down to the ground and up against the wall. The light is held in suspension by two slim wires, which are adjustable, allowing the frame to hang gracefully from the wall in a variety of ways.

Made in New Zealand

L500mm x W500mm x H60mm

V Wall Light
Resident Studio

Resident Studio

Resident Studio is the Resident brands own in-house product design team, led by Co-Founders Simon James and Scott Bridgens. 

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the multi talented team is committed to design research and exploration into a variety of materials and processes, with the aim of creating unique furniture and lighting pieces.