Torchon Pendant

Torchon Pendant Cheshire Architects


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Torchon Pendant

Designer Cheshire Architects — Profile
Designed 2015

Torchon is a unique lighting spectacle, which exploits the viscous potential of molten glass, and the contradictory nature of smooth and rough textures. On the outside, a soft spherical globe of clear glass is carefully mouth-formed. Then a jagged internal cavity is created to house a disc of high quality LED light, which encapsulates and projects onto exterior surfaces. Torchon is suspended from the ceiling rose with a pair of slim lined wires. Available in Clear Glass

Handmade in New Zealand.

H250mm x W250mm x D250mm

Torchon Pendant
Image: uploads/2017_03/Resident-Torchon-Pendant-by-Cheshire-Architects-3.jpg
Cheshire Architects

Cheshire Architects

Cheshire Architects move organically from huge institutional and urban master-planning work to the digital fabrication of bespoke door handles and the hand-finishing of furniture. This is a practice formed around the depth of its ideologies, rather than the thinness of styles and project types. They operate across fields of luxury and poverty, newness and age, roughness and refinement, running parallel programs of research, writing, lecturing, publishing and university teaching. Cheshire was founded in New Zealand in 2004.