Mesh Space Pendant Flynn Talbot

Mesh Space Pendant
Mesh Space Pendant

Designer Flynn Talbot — Profile
Designed 2014

The Mesh Space Pendant is constructed around a seamless floating halo of LED light. It hangs horizontally with a very thin profile and creates a warm, functional light effect on surfaces below. A flattened mesh dome is a reflector and a filter to the upward moving light. The ring of LED light is powered through the thin suspension wires, gifting the piece lightness and transparency.

Dia 600mm x H120mm

Image: uploads/2017_12/Resident-Mesh-Pendant-by-Flynn-Talbot-3.jpg

Flynn Talbot

Flynn Talbot operates a specialized lighting studio in London, UK. Flynn Talbot Studio was established in 2010 to develop innovative lighting products and light installations. Talbot’s work begins with the consideration of the “light effect” first, and each project is crafted around it. Every decision and detail is made with the quality of light and user connection in mind. This method creates timeless products and a strong point of difference in his work.

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