Tri Pendant Release


Designed by Resident Studio, Tri is a triangular shaped pendant light constructed from Brass and Aluminum.  It is the third member of the popular Geometric Family, which also contains Hex and Cross.

Three intersecting brass channels travel inwards, culminating at a central point, to illustrate this classic geometric shape. A recessed and diffused 24v light source reflects off the inside of the channel to deliver a warm consistent hue. Tri is finished in brushed Brass, protected by a porcelain based clear lacquer.

Tri represents Residents continued commitment to progressive and innovative lighting design, which embraces the advanced functionality and new found dimensions of LED light sources. This piece is a modern alternative designed to be used for both practical and decorative purposes within commercial, domestic and retail situations.

Tri is being released on August 15th 2013 concurrently on 4 continents. Our partners are (UK and Europe), Design Republic (China), Matter (USA) and The Table and Chair Company (Australia). The product is in stock and available to be purchased exclusively from these outlets for the first month. We would like to thank our partners for their continued support.